Heroes and Public Servants Program
Our way of saying, Thank You!

The Heroes and Public Servants Program was designed to benifit those who otherwise go unrecognized for their efforts, sacrifice, and valor. These unsung heroes continue to do their jobs day in and day out without so much as a thank you from those of us who should be cheering them on. It is in great part beacuse of them that we can enjoy the sence of peace we so terasure.

What if we suddenly found ourselves involved in a bad accident and while we laid there on the ground fighting for our life and craying out for help, no one would answer our call? Lets say somehow we got to a hospital, but there would be no one there to diagnose and quickly treat our wounds, broken bones or any other trauma. What if there were none who would teach others how to save a live, to practice medicine? What if our home were to catch on fire and no one would come to our resque? What would we do if there where no one to fight off our enemies or protect us from danger? And what if there were no one to remind us of our past conflitcs, our Victories as well as our mistakes, would we forget? What then?

We hope this small token of our appreciation in the form of a credit towards closing costs

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Heroes and Public Servants Program

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somehow serves as a reminder of how much we value our Medical Personnel, First Responders, Active
reminder of how much we value our Medical Personnel, First Responders, Active Military, Police officers, Veterans, and Teachers.

Criteria for eligibility: Applicant must be Medical Personnel, First Responders, Active Military, Police Officers, Veterans, or Teachers.

Credit towards closing costs shall be provided by Belmis Montesino (Not Iconic Miami Realty, LLC). The Heroes and Public Servants Program is only available to those who meet the previously stated criteria. Applicants shall provide proof of meeting all requirements.

Credit shall be given only to clients represented by Belmis Montesino and only at time of closing. In the event the client decides to be represented by any other agent, the credit will be automatically forfeited. Amount of credit will be determined on an individual basis at the time of contract execution and/or during the loan application process, and is subject to compliance with government and bank guidelines and regulations. Some restrictions may apply.